Harvard Pilgrim or Health Plans, Inc?

It’s often confusing when trying to identify if a patient is covered through Harvard Pilgrim or Health Plans, Inc. by looking at their card. Both insurance cards show the Harvard Pilgrim name and logo, usually in the upper left corner. At a quick glance, one might be tempted to merely list Harvard Pilgrim in the system and call it good. However, Health Plans, Inc. cards also have their name on the upper right. When claims are sent to the wrong insurance company ,they are denied and returned to the healthcare facility for correct billing.

Besides looking for the Health Plans, Inc. brand on the upper right corner of the card, here is the easiest way to distinguish one plan from the other:

If the insurance ID begins with HP, it’s Harvard Pilgrim.

If the insurance ID begins with HH, it’s Health Plans, Inc.

It’s as simple as that. Get this one distinction in your memory and never have your Harvard Pilgrim/Health Plans, Inc claims bounced back again.

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