Contact Lens Tips

I have found a couple of helpful tips that work really well for me.

1 – Wet your eyes with something, rewetting drops, saline solution, something, immediately before putting the contacts into your eye.

2 – Try a few different rewetting drops until you find the one that works best for you. I used to use Bausch and Lomb (B&L) Rewetting Drops, but I had to use them almost hourly to keep my eyes from feeling too dry. I tried Visine For Contacts because Visine is a big name in the eye business. The difference is amazing. I now compare the two to oil and water. The B&L just feels like dropping water into your eye. Visine feels like dropping lubricating oil into your eye. It has worked so much better for me.

The pre-wetting plus Visine tips have helped me go from wetting my eyes almost hourly to wetting just a couple times a day. It has been great.

While I’m on the Visine topic, I want to plug their redness reliever drops, Visine L.R. The drops I used to use (and I can’t remember the product name) were extremely painful to drop into my eye. It burned for many seconds afterward, and I think my eyes became redder before they cleared a bit. Visine’s redness reliever drops don’t feel like that at all, and they make my eyes more white than they have been in years.

Do you have contact lens or eye drops stories to share?

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