Blue Cross Prefix List – Verified

Below are the BC/BS/Anthem prefixes we’ve verified by calling the 800 number.

(If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try the non-verified list of prefixes.)

AAU California
ADE Illinois
ADH Delaware
ADL Ohio
AET California
AFB South Carolina
AFV New York (Excellus)
AFY Illinois [Thanks MaryBeth!]
AGB New York (Excellus)
AGC Missouri (Kansas City)
AHD South Carolina
AHJ PA (Independence)
AHW Massachusetts
AIJ New York (Empire)
AJI South Carolina
AJL Texas
AJY Maryland (Carefirst)
AKY Alaska (Premera)
ALG California (Blue Cross)
ALO New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
AMK New York (Excellus)
AMR Texas
AMU Rhode Island
ANH Iowa (Wellmark)
ANJ Ohio
AOI Texas
AOU New York (Western)
AOX California (Blue Shield)
APH Ohio
APJ New York (Excellus)
APO –> Now KZA
AQZ Minnesota
ARH Virginia
ARX Kansas
ASA New York (Rochester Area)
ASB New York (Excellus)
ASD New York (Excellus)
ASG New York (Excellus)
ASO New York (Excellus)
ATX Ohio
AUF Florida
AUJ Wisconsin
AUQ Wisconsin (Medicare Supplement)
AUV Pennsylvania (Northeast)
AUW Delaware
AUX Wisconsin
AUZ Wisconsin
AVO Illinois [Thanks Veda!]
AVW New York (Empire)
AWL Ohio
AWP Virginia
AXT New York (Excellus)
AXW Delaware
AYC Texas
AYK Alabama
AYU Wisconsin
AYX Wisconsin
AYZ Ohio
AZN New York (Excellus)
AZS Massachusetts
BBV St Louis, Missouri
BCI California (Blue Cross)
BCN Washington/Alaska (Premera)
BDV Georgia
BEK Alabama
BES New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
BFL Florida
BFO Michigan
BGF (Not recognized by hotline)
BGN New York (Excellus)
BGT Alabama
BHV Minnesota
BIC Connecticut
BIH Indiana
BIX Missouri (Alliance)
BJB New York (Empire)
BJF New York (Empire)
BJT New York (Empire)
BKW Massachusetts
BLI South Carolina
BLM New York (Empire)
BMK New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
BPF Florida
BPM New York (Excellus)
BQC Ohio
BQL Ohio
BRJ New York (Excellus)
BSC Massachusetts
BTL Washington
BTW California
BUP New York (Excellus)
BUR New York (Excellus/Central)
BVB Florida
BVD Pennsylvania (Capital)
BXG Massachusetts
BXK Illinois
BXU Massachusetts
BXY Maryland (Carefirst)
BXZ Ohio
BYB Ohio
BYP Ohio
BZA Minnesota
BZM Ohio
BZR Pennsylvania (Highmark)
BZS New Jersey
BZW South Carolina
BZZ North Carolina
CAC California (Blue Cross)
CAH Virginia
CAM West Virginia
CAS New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
CBB New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
CBD Pennsylvania (Highmark)
CBF New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
CBL New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
CBU New Jersey (Horizon)
CCG Pennsylvania (Highmark)
CCK Idaho
CDE Texas
CDJ Pennsylvania
CDP New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
CDQ Pennsylvania (Independence)
CDX California (Blue Cross)
CEP Illinois
CGC Alabama
CGH New York (Empire)
CGL Minnesota
CGQ North Carolina
CGU Rhode Island
CHB Massachusetts
CHF Texas
CHH Tennesee
CHO New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
CID North Carolina
CIE New York (Excellus/Central)
CIG Georgia
CIL New York (Excellus)
CJE New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
CJI New York (Excellus)
CKA Virginia
CKK Penn (Highmark)
CKL Georgia
CKP New York (Excellus)
CKZ New York (Western)
CLR New York (Excellus)
CLV Texas
CMB New York (Excellus)
CMC New York (Excellus/Central)
CMI Ohio
CMX New York (Excellus)
CNB Alabama
CND Minnesota
CNT Missouri
CPN New York (Excellus)
CPR California – Blue Cross
CPV New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
CQX Pennsylvania
CRD Minnesota
CRG New York (Excellus)
CRL New York (Excellus)
CRN Massachusetts
CRU New York (Excellus)
CRW New York (Excellus)
CSM Texas
CSP New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
CTN Connecticut
CTY Illinois
CUB New York (Excellus)
CUN Pennsylvania (Highmark)
CVK Florida
CVZ New Jersey (Horizon)
CWC New York (Excellus)
CWZ New York (Empire)
CYL New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
CZF Rhode Island
CZK Virginia
CZQ Ohio
DBD Ohio
DCD California
DCE Illinois
DCN Nebraska
DDA New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
DEE North Carolina
DHA New York (Excellus/Utica)
DHP New York (Excellus/Utica)
DHZ NY (Rochester)
DJB Florida
DNH Wisconsin
DNY Illinois
DOY New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
DPL New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
DPU Michigan
DQX Ohio
DRP New York (Excellus)
DSS California (Blue Cross)
DSY New York (Excellus/Central)
DTE Ohio
DTS Virginia
DTU Ohio
DTX Texas
DUV Florida
DVG Illinois [Thanks Veda!]
DWL New York (Empire)
DXP Massachusetts
DZV Ohio
EAR Massachusetts
EAY Texas
EBI Alabama
EDD California (Blue Shield)
EDU Alabama
EDX Texas
EEA New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
EET New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
EEX New York (Empire)
EGH North Carolina
EGI North Carolina
EGS Minnesota
EGX Arkansas
EGY Kansas City
EHH New Hampshire
EHN Nebraska
EHP New York (Empire)
EIB Alabama
EJN California
EKI New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
EKK New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
EKP New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
EKV New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
ELC New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
ELH Connecticut
ELK New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
ELT Illinois
ELU Ohio (Lumenos)
EME Iowa (Wellmark)
EMI Ohio
EMX New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
ENF Texas
ENJ Minnesota
EOC Georgia
ESX New York (Excellus)
ETN New York (Empire)
EVB New York (Excellus)
EWU Connecticut
EWZ Ohio
EXR New York (Empire)
EXX Tennessee
EYG New York (Empire)
EYS Tennessee
FBI Alabama
FBX Missouri
FCD Illinois
FCG Maryland
FCN BC of St Louis MO
FCT Pennsylvania (Capital)
FDF Florida
FDO North Carolina
FEM Penn (Highmark)
FEQ Maryland (Carefirst)
FFD California
FGP Michigan
FHB Florida
FHF Maryland
FHH Massachusetts
FIN Texas
FIV Colorado
FIW Michigan
FJC Illinois
FLO Ohio
FLV Texas
FLY Kansas
FMC Massachusetts
FMM Michigan
FNY Nebraska
FOM Georgia
FPG Virginia
FPT North Carolina
FRE New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
FRF National Capital Area (MD)
FRO New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
FRT California (Blue Cross)
FRX New York (Empire)
FRZ Tennessee [Thanks Kelly]
FSH Washington/Alaska (Premera)
FST Massachusetts
FTR New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
FTX New York (Empire)
FUG Texas
FVO New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
FWW Massachusetts
FWY Illinois
FXF California (Blue Cross)
GAN New York (Empire)
GAV Ohio
GCB Texas
GCH South Carolina
GCM Pennsylvania (Highmark)
GEA Pennsylvania (Independence)
GEI Maryland
GEL Georgia
GEN Alabama
GEP Alabama
GET New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
GFD Pennsylvania (Capital)
GGL California
GGT New York (Empire)
GHP Michigan
GHS New York (Excellus)
GIC Illinois
GJM New York (Empire)
GKG Minnesota
GKM Pennsylvania (Highmark)
GLE New York (Empire)
GLK New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
GMB Illinois
GMH Michigan
GMJ Michigan
GML Minnesota
GMU Michigan [Thanks MaryBeth!]
GNN New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
GOR New York (Excellus)
GPI New York (Excellus)
GPM Pennsylvania (Highmark)
GPO New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
GPT Alabama
GQS New York (Empire)
GRR New York (Excellus)
GSG California (Blue Cross)
GSK Pennsylvania (Capital)
GTX New York (Empire)
GTY New York
GUE Florida
GUF Penn (Highmark)
GWR New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
GXC Illinois
GXF Ohio
GYA Ohio
GYR Ohio
GYV Virginia
GYX California
GZM Massachusetts
HAH New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
HAI New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
HAM New Jersey (Horizon)
HBB Illinois
HBC Pennsylvania (Highmark)
HBX New Jersey (Horizon)
HCC Ohio
HCS Delaware
HDH New York (Excellus)
HEH Kansas
HEU Massachusetts
HHM South Carolina
HHT Wisconsin
HIH California (Blue Cross)
HIW Massachusetts
HIY California (Blue Cross)
HJF (Not recognized by hotline)
HKS Pennsylvania (Highmark)
HLE New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
HLR New Jersey (Horizon)
HMB New Jersey (Horizon)
HMR New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
HNT Texas
HOR Penn (Highmark)
HPD Massachusetts
HPS Nebraska
HQZ Minnesota
HRL Minnesota
HRR New Jersey (Horizon)
HRV California – Blue Shield
HSH New Jersey (Horizon)
HTC New York (Empire)
HTP New York (Empire)
HUM Pennsylvania (Highmark)
HUP Missouri (Kansas City)
HUO New York (Excellus)
HVL New York (Excellus)
HVY South Carolina
HXE Texas
HXN Oklahoma
HXU Indiana
HYR Pennsylvania
HZN Texas
HZS New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
IAR Alabama
IBF New York (Excellus)
IDA Idaho
IDW Ohio
IEV Alabama [Thanks Katie!]
IJC New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
IJU Texas
ILH California (Blue Cross)
ILY California (Blue Cross for Intel employees)
IMA New York (Excellus)
IMF Georgia
IMR New York (Excellus)
INE South Carolina
INK California
INT Alabama
INX Kansas City
INZ Oregon
IPH Kansas
IPM Pennsylvania (Highmark)
IPN Pennsylvania (Highmark)
IPP Alabama
IRA New Jersey (Horizon)
ISD Texas
IST Ohio
ITA Maryland/National Capital Area (Carefirst)
ITS Arkansas (Blue Advantage)
ITW Illinois
IUE New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
IWY New York (Empire)
IWZ Michigan
JNX New Jersey (Horizon)
JWA Kansas City
JWC Missouri (Alliance)
JWE Missouri (Alliance)
KAD New York (Excellus)
KCB Rhode Island
KCD New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
KCE Georgia
KCK Ohio
KCM Pennsylvania (Highmark)
KCW Michigan
KDS Penn (Capital)
KDU CBA Blue (Vermont)
KEZ CBA Blue (Vermont)
KFC South Carolina
KGA Florida
KGM California
KGS Kansas
KHX Ohio
KID Alabama
KIT Illinois
KLE New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
KLG Michigan
KMF Florida
KNK California (Blue Cross)
KPH Tennesee
KRL New York (Excellus)
KRO Ohio
KRU New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
KRX Ohio
KSE Kansas
KSM New York (Excellus)
KSW Tennessee
KSX New York (Empire)
KSZ Tennessee
KYS New York (Empire)
KZA Indiana
LAB Alabama [Thanks Veda!]
LAP New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
LAV WA & AK (Primera)
LAZ California
LBG Connecticut
LCB Illinois
LCH New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
LCP Virginia
LCX Kansas City, Missouri
LCY Florida
LDU California (Blue Cross)
LHP Rhode Island
LIU Rhode Island
LJG New York (Excellus)
LKL Maryland
LKQ Illinois
LLR Pennsylvania (Highmark)
LLX Ohio
LLY Ohio
LMH Massachusetts
LNC Ohio
LNV California (Blue Cross)
LNX Texas
LPP New York (Excellus)
LPR New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
LRT Oregon (Regence)
LRX Illinois
LSR Kansas
LUA California (Blue Cross)
LUS New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
LVH Pennsylvania (Highmark)
LVI New York (Western)
LVL New York (Empire)
LWE Alabama
LWG Michigan [Thanks Meesh!]
LYP Louisiana
MAX Illinois
MBG Alabama (Medicare Blue Advantage)
MCQ Illinois
MCX Massachusetts
MCZ Ohio
MDV New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
MES New York (Empire)
MET Nebraska
MFA Illinois
MHB Texas
MHF Florida
MHH Michigan
MHP BC of St Louis MO
MIG Michigan
MIH South Carolina
MIM Pennsylvania (Highmark)
MJJ Michigan
MKE Tennessee
MKS Massachusetts
MLA New York (Empire)
MMF New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
MMY Montana
MPA Mississippi
MPD Texas
MPF New York (Excellus)
MPW New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
MPY New York (Empire)
MQA Michigan
MQE Michigan
MRJ Maryland
MRT Illinois
MRW Illinois
MSD New York (Empire)
MSJ Wasshington (Premera)
MTI New York (Empire)
MTN Massachusetts [Thanks Diane!]
MTP Massachusetts [Thanks Diane!]
MTT California
MUU Michigan
MUW Wisconsin
MVA New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
MVC Virginia
MWJ New Jersey (Horizon)
MWK New Jersey (Horizon)
MXF New York (Empire)
MXK Pennsylvania – Capital
MYO Ohio
MYY Maryland (Carefirst)
MZJ Massachusetts
NAS Oregon (Regence Group) [Thanks Veda!]
NBT New York (Excellus)
NBU Michigan
NBY Massachusetts
NCF California – Blue Cross
NCG New Jersey (Horizon)
NCJ New York (Empire)
NCO Illinois
NCT Texas
NDZ Georgia
NEC Illinois
NEF Connecticut
NEW Minnesota
NFB Georgia
NFZ Massachusetts
NGC Illinois
NGL Ohio
NGN Massachusetts
NGO California
NGT Illinois
NGW Virginia
NHN New Hampshire
NHT Michigan
NJQ South Carolina
NJX New Jersey
NKW Ohio
NLJ Georgia
NLM Pennsylvania (Highmark – Railroad)
NLQ Washington/Alaska (Premera)
NMS Maryland (Carefirst)
NMU Tennessee
NNJ New Jersey (Horizon)
NNR Pennsylvania
NOA North Dakota
NOW Minnesota
NPA New York (Excellus)
NPD Nebraska
NPX Rhode Island
NRD Maryland (Carefirst)
NRN Rhode Island
NRP Maryland (Carefirst)
NRY New Jersey (Horizon)
NSA California (BC)
NSJ New Jersey (Horizon)
NTM Illinois [Thanks Meesh!]
NTS New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
NTU Alabama
NUQ Massachusetts
NVE Massachusetts
NVP New Jersey
NVY New Jersey (Horizon)
NWH New Jersey (Horizon)
NWM Ohio
NWO Ohio
NXG Missouri (Alliance)
NXK Nebraska
NYB New York (Empire)
NYE New York (Excellus/Central)
NYG Illinois
NYI New York (Empire)
NYS Alabama
OAR Oklahoma
OHS Connecticut
ONC New York (Excellus)
OPN Michigan
OSE Arizona
OTL Alabama
OTO North Dakota
OUH Ohio
OWC Oregon (Regence)
OXP California (Blue Cross)
PAR New York (Excellus/Utica)
PAS Illinois
PAU Massachusetts
PAY New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
PBB South Carolina
PBH Florida [Thanks Leslie]
PBM Pennsylvania (Highmark)
PCC New York (Excellus/Utica)
PCS Maryland (National Capitol Area )
PCW New York (Empire)
PDF Ohio
PEB Penn (Capital)
PEG Texas
PEK New York (Empire)
PEO New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
PFP Penn (Capital)
PFR New Jersey (Horizon)
PFZ New Jersey
PGI Illinois
PGJ Ohio
PHT Connecticut
PHU Pennsylvania (Capital)
PHW Maryland (Carefirst – National Capitol Area)
PKI Georgia
PLV South Carolina
PMY Missouri (St Louis)
PNX Pennsylvania (Highmark)
POJ South Carolina
POK Florida
PPA Alabama
PPN Pennsylvania (Highmark)
PQB Illinois
PQC Colorado
PQQ Colorado
PRE Virginia
PSB Texas
PSH Connecticut
PSJ Illinois [Thanks Veda!]
PSS Alabama
PUX Washington/Alaska (Premera)
PVF Tennessee
PWR Ohio
PWS Virginia
PWX Idaho
PXA Ohio
PXG Arkansas (Health Advantage)
PXL Massachusetts
PXZ Premera WA/AK
PYU Georgia
PZV Virginia
QCS Pennsylvania (Independence)
QCW Pennsylvania (Highmark)
QDS Pennsylvania (Highmark)
QFG Pennsylvania (Northeastern)
QFT Pennsylvania (Northeastern)
RAI New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
RAN New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
RAO Kansas
RBG Illinois
RCA Ohio
RCC New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
RCF Tennessee
RDC Maryland
RDN New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
REX Texas
RFB New York (Empire)
RFC Minnesota
RGE South Dakota
RGF Florida
RGN Alabama
RHA North Carolina
RHF California (Blue Cross)
RHQ Oregon (Regence)
RHW Ohio
RIF Florida
RIL Georgia
RIV New York (Excellus)
RIX New York (Excellus)
RJH New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
RJL Pennsylvania (Highmark)
RJO New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
RKR Iowa (Wellmark)
RLI California
RLM Ohio
RMP New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
RRV California (Blue Cross)
RSA New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
RSN New York (Excellus)
RSP Ohio
RSR Texas
RUL Maryland (Carefirst)
RVM New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
RXD Maryland (Carefirst)
RYA South Carolina
RYC New York (Excellus)
RYD New York (Excellus)
RYS California
RZN Massachusetts
SAA New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
SAD North Carolina
SBE New York (Empire)
SBM Penn (Highmark)
SBR Penn. (Highmark)
SCJ Minnesota
SCL New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
SCM Texas
SCS New York (Excellus/Central)
SCY Alabama [Thanks JC]
SDA Pennsylvania (Independence)
SDR Pennsylvania (Highmark)
SDS New York (Excellus)
SEG Ohio
SER New York (Empire)
SEY California (Blue Cross)
SFI Illinois
SHL New York (Excellus)
SHQ Pennsylvania (Independence)
SIA Iowa (Wellmark)
SIW Illinois
SJA Ohio
SJP Alaska (Premera)
SJY California (Blue Shield)
SKE New York
SKH Penn (Independence)
SLD New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
SLL Georia
SLT Massachusetts
SLY Alabama
SMO California
SNW Iowa
SOA South Carolina
SOD Delaware
SPE California (Blue Cross)
SPT Minnesota
SRO New York (Excellus)
SRP South Carolina
SSD South Carolina
SSS Alabama
SST Massachusetts
STN Pennsylvania (Highmark)
SUF New York (Empire)
SUG New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
SVB Michigan
SVR Penn. (Highmark)
SWH New York (Empire)
SWY Iowa
SXM Penn. (Highmark)
SYB New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
SYI New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
SYK Pennsylvania (Independence)
SYP New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
SYU New York (Excellus)
SYY Illinois
SZF Illinois
SZI New York (Excellus)
SZQ Ohio
TBA California (Blue Cross)
TCL New York (Empire)
TCZ New York (Excellus)
TDA Illinois
TDK Washington/Alaska (Premera)
TEA Illinois
TEL Alabama
TEU Alabama
TGY North Carolina
THF New York (Empire)
TIL Alabama
TIX Virginia
TJV Washington/Alaska (Premera)
TJX Michigan
TKA Rhode Island
TKF Missouri (Alliance)
TKG New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
TLN Illinois
TME New York (Empire)
TNS New York (Excellus)
TNY New York (Excellus)
TOE Kansas
TON Alabama
TPK Illinois
TPT New York (Excellus)
TQL Ohio
TQX Georgia
TRA New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
TRH Tennessee
TRR Tennessee
TST Washington/Alaska (Premera)
TSX Rhode Island
TTG New York (Excellus)
TTI Alabama
TTU California (Blue Cross)
TUN California (Blue Cross)
TVA Tennessee
TVD Nebraska
TVP New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
TWQ New York (Empire)
TWW New York (Empire)
TWZ New York (Empire)
TXH Ohio
TYH Georgia
TYL Texas
TYS Iowa (Wellmark)
TZD Ohio
TZQ Ohio
TZU Massachusetts
UAL Illinois [Thanks K. Russell!]
UAP Nebraska
UAY North Carolina
UBS Georgia (or California, depending on which 800 number you call…)
UBZ Florida
UCE Texas
UCG Massachusetts
UCM Illinois
UEB Massachusetts
UEF Massachusetts
UEN Massachusetts [Thanks Nancy!]
UEW Massachusetts
UFD New Jersey (Horizon)
UFW New York (Excellus/Central)
UFU New York (Excellus)
UGS Ohio
UHL Arizona
UHO Illinois
UIT Colorado
UKA Oklahoma
UKC Oklahoma
UMP Ohio
UNE Nebraska
UNJ Massachusetts
UNZ Ohio (Lumenos)
UPA Illinois
UPR Pennsylvania – Highmark
UQA New York (Western)
URP Michigan
USB Maryland
USR New York (Excellus/Central)
UTS Texas
UTX Ohio
UTY Nebraska
UTZ Pennsylvania (Capital)
UVB Tennessee
UWX Rhode Island
VMC Alabama [Thanks Veda!]
VRA CBA Blue (Vermont)
VZD Wisconsin
VZF Wisconsin
VZG Wisconsin
VZI Wisconsin (SmartValue Medicare Advantage PFFS)
VZJ Wisconsin (SmartSaver Medicare Advantage MSA)
VZL Wisconsin (Medicare Supplement)
VZQ Wisconsin (Medicare Supplement)
VZR Wisconsin
VZT Wisconsin
VZZ Wisconsin
WAH Washington/Alaska (Premera)
WAL Minnesota
WCC Illinois
WCP Oregon (Regence)
WCV Alabama
WCW California (Blue Shield)
WDB Pennsylvania (Highmark)
WDK New York (Excellus)
WDR New York (Excellus/Central)
WDY New York (Excellus)
WEA New York (Excellus)
WEG New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
WET California
WFM New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
WFZ South Carolina
WGG Ohio
WGN New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
WIL Virginia
WJC Maryland (Carefirst)
WJT Georgia
WKR Ohio
WLA Alabama
WLN South Carolina
WMD Nebraska
WMR Alabama
WMW Arkansas
WND New York (Excellus)
WNL California
WNT New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
WOW Washington/Alaska (Premera)
WPT New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
WPV California
WRF Texas
WRW Rhode Island
WRY New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
WUE Florida
WUR New Jersey (Horizon)
WWB Massachusetts
WWY Illinois
XAD Alabama
XBB Arizona
XBC Arizona
XBF Arizona
XBH Arizona
XBK Arizona
XBM Arizona
XBP Arizona
XBS Arizona
XCH Arkansas (Health Advantage)
XCP Arkansas
XDG California – Blue Cross (Senior Services)
XDH California – Blue Cross
XDL California – Blue Cross
XDM California – Blue Cross
XDP California – Blue Cross
XDT California – Blue Cross (Medicare Advantage)
XDU California – Blue Cross
XDV California – Blue Cross (Medicare Advantage PFFS: Smart Value)
XDX California – Blue Cross
XEA California – Blue Shield
XEC California – Blue Shield
XEE California – Blue Shield
XEH California – Blue Shield
XEM California – Blue Shield
XEP California – Blue Shield
XFB Colorado
XFC Colorado
XFF Colorado
XFG Colorado (Medicare Supplement)
XFJ Colorado
XFK Colorado
XFL Colorado
XFN Colorado
XFP Colorado
XFT Colorado
XFU Colorado (Medicare Advantage HMO: Sure Value)
XFW Colorado
XFY Colorado
XGC Connecticut
XGF Connecticut
XGN Connecticut
XGP Connecticut
XGR Connecticut
XGS Connecticut [Thanks Meesh!]
XGT Connecticut
XIP Maryland
XJB Florida
XJD Florida
XJG Florida
XJJ Florida
XJM Florida
XJR Florida
XJW Florida
XKA Georgia
XKC Georgia
XLH Hawaii
XLP Hawaii
XLQ Hawaii
XNS Idaho (Regence)
XNZ Idaho (Regence)
XOF Illinois
XOH Illinois
XOT Illinois
XOU Illinois
XPD Indiana
XPF Illinois
XQH Iowa (Wellmark)
XQM Iowa (Wellmark)
XQQ Iowa (Wellmark)
XQW Iowa (Wellmark)
XSA Kansas
XSB Kansas
XSM Kansas
XSP Kansas
XSV Kansas
XUA Louisiana [Thanks Stacy!]
XUH Louisiana [Thanks Stacy!]
XUP Louisiana [Thanks Stacy!]
XVA Maine
XVB Maine
XVD BC SmartValue (Medicare Advantage Plan)
XVG Maine
XVH Maine
XVM Maine
XVP Maine
XWB Maryland (Carefirst)
XWK Maryland (Carefirst) [Thanks Meesh!]
XXA Massachusetts [Thanks Diane!]
XXC Massachusetts [Thanks Diane!]
XXG Massachusetts [Thanks Diane!]
XXH Massachusetts [Thanks Diane!]
XXM Massachusetts [Thanks Diane!]
XXP Massachusetts [Thanks Diane!]
XYA Michigan
XYH Michigan
XYM Michigan
XYP Michigan [Thanks MaryBeth!]
XZA Minnesota
YAG Mississippi
YAS Mississippi
YAQ Mississippi
YBC Kansas City
YCP Missouri
YDP Montana
YEB Nebraska [Thanks Meesh!]
YEP Nebraska [Thanks Veda!]
YET Nebraska
YGA New Hampshire
YGC New Hampshire
YGF New Hampshire
YGK New Hampshire
YGM New Hampshire
YHC New Jersey [Thanks Kim!]
YHY New Jersey [Thanks Meesh!]
YIE New Mexico
YJA New York (Western)
YJP New York (Western)
YJW New York (Western – HealthNow)
YLA New York (Empire)
YLB New York (Empire)
YLC New York (Empire)
YLD New York (Empire)
YLE New York (Empire)
YLG New York (Empire)
YLK New York (Empire)
YLN New York (Empire)
YLR New York (Empire)
YLS New York (Empire)
YLW New York (Empire)
YLX New York (Empire)
YLY New York (Empire)
YLZ New York (Empire)
YMA New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMB New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMC New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YME New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMF New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMG New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMK New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMM New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMP New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMR New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMS New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMT New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMV New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMX New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YMZ New York (Excellus – Rochester Region)
YNA New York (Excellus/Central)
YNE New York (Excellus/Central)
YNF New York (Excellus/Central)
YNT New York (Excellus/Central)
YNY New York (Excellus/Central)
YNZ New York (Excellus/Central)
YOM New York (Excellus/Utica)
YOP New York (Excellus/Utica)
YOT New York (Excellus/Utica)
YOU New York (Excellus/Utica)
YOY New York (Excellus/Utica)
YOZ New York (Excellus/Utica)
YPC North Carolina
YPH North Carolina
YPJ North Carolina
YPP North Carolina
YPY North Carolina
YPZ North Carolina
YQA North Dakota
YRA Ohio
YRE Ohio
YRF Ohio
YRM Ohio
YRP Ohio
YTP Virginia
YTV Virginia
YTX Virginia
YUA Oklahoma
YUN Oklahoma
YUP Oklahoma
YVA Oregon (Regence) [Thanks Chan!]
YVB Oregon (Regence) [Thanks C. Muxy!]
YVP Oregon (Regence) [Thanks Chan!]
YVV Oregon (Regence)
YWM Pennsylvania (Capital)
YWT Pennsylvania (Capital)
YXA Pennsylvania (Independence)
YXG Pennsylvania (Independence) [Thanks Meesh!]
YYM Pennsylvania (Highmark)
YYY Pennsylvania (Highmark)
YZA Pennsylvania (Northeast)
ZAL Pennsylvania (Highmark)
ZAR Pennsylvania (Highmark)
ZAT Pennsylvania (Northeast)
ZBA Rhode Island
ZBM Rhode Island (Medicare Complete)
ZBP Rhode Island (Medicare Supplement)
ZCC South Carolina
ZCL South Carolina
ZCN South Carolina
ZCS South Carolina
ZEB Tennessee
ZEG Tennessee (Blue Advantage PFFS)
ZEH Tennessee
ZFA New York (Excellus)
ZFB New York (Excellus)
ZFC New York (Excellus)
ZFD New York (Excellus)
ZFE New York (Excellus)
ZFF New York (Excellus)
ZFG New York (Excellus)
ZFH New York (Excellus)
ZFK New York (Excellus)
ZFL New York (Excellus)
ZFM New York (Excellus)
ZFN New York (Excellus)
ZFP New York (Excellus)
ZFQ New York (Excellus)
ZFR New York (Excellus)
ZFS New York (Excellus)
ZFV New York (Excellus)
ZFX New York (Excellus)
ZFY New York (Excellus)
ZGB Texas
ZGD Texas [Thanks Meesh!]
ZGE –> Changed to HXE
ZGK Texas
ZGM Texas – Medicare supplemental plan only [Thanks MaryBeth!]
ZGO Texas
ZGP Texas [Thanks “Louisiana”!]
ZHB Utah (Regence)
ZIA Vermont
ZJC New Jersey (Horizon)
ZKR Washington/Alaska (Premera) [Thanks Meesh!]
ZKT Washington/Alaska (Premera)
ZLF Washington (Regence)
ZLP Washington
ZMT New York (Excellus)
ZPN West Virginia
ZRA Wisconsin
ZRB Wisconsin
ZRF Wisconsin
ZRG Wisconsin
ZRK Wisconsin
ZRR Wisconsin
ZRT Wisconsin
ZUA Puerto Rico
ZWE New York (Western)
ZXL Tennessee
ZXW Tennessee
ZSA Wyoming

334 Responses to “Blue Cross Prefix List – Verified”

  1. Angela says:


  2. Carole Lyons says:

    Can you let me know what state is DOMAN?

    Many thanks,

  3. Erika says:

    ALRAN is Anthem 855-236-6453

  4. Kristen says:

    UDTAN is Anthem of Ohio 866-776-4793

  5. […] Blue Cross Prefix List – Verified « The Health Exhibit – The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association has determined that all Blues plans should adopt a standardized format for member ID cards.* The new format will strengthen …… […]

  6. Cathy says:

    What is prefix LBS and phone number for pre-cert

  7. Kala says:

    alpha prefix PES — does anyone know

  8. Dave says:

    Not sure if this can help anyone else.

  9. Jo says:

    USK is the old IPN and IPM for US Steel workers in PA. Takes the place of Medicare. Send to MA PPO at the new Personal Choice address for PA.

  10. Jasmin says:

    JQN is BCBS of California 855-383-7247

  11. JoAnne says:

    ZCY = South Carolina

  12. Sandra Madruga says:

    Where is UZJAN from?

  13. KELSEY REDDEN says:


  14. Cynthia says:

    Where is XKT from?

  15. PASCAL A says:


  16. Sharli says:

    IUH = Massachusetts

  17. Sarah says:

    YAX is Mississippi

  18. Elvis says:

    YQP BCBS of North Dakota

  19. Elvis says:

    YQP prefix is for BCBS of North Dakota

  20. Elvis says:

    Check this below mention link for all BCBS prefix and phone number.

  21. YR says:

    UGG = Michigan

  22. Angela H says:

    alpha prefix IAT … anyone know what this is?

  23. kimsugden says:

    Here are a few I have collected over the last 5 years.

    BCBS High Mark Plan: GHF
    California: HCP
    Illinois: SFZ/DLR/PKA
    Michigan: CRH/XYQ/TGN/NLA/MIJ
    Mississippi: CAF
    Nebraska: WER
    New Jersey: HAM/MGZ
    North Carolina: SIP
    Ohio: KBZ/TNH/RQT

  24. Ari Moor says:

    Here is one to add to your list.

    LHG = New York – Empire (local union 472 & 172) Has all this coded internally and magically auto flags prefixes errors on the fly.

  25. YR says:

    CFE = washington

  26. sarah says:

    hi i was also wondering where uzjan is from did you ever get an answer on this?

  27. JoAnne says:

    NML = Blue Cross of South Carolina

  28. JoAnne says:

    SAL = Blue Cross of South Carolina

  29. Bob S. says:

    how about prefix mdh????

    Empire BC or BC OF CT?????

  30. Bob S. says:

    Sorry, I mean MHD.

  31. YR says:

    RRJ = Illinois

  32. JoAnne says:

    VYA = Excellus BCR-NY

  33. JoAnne says:

    XYL = Michigan

  34. Mari says:

    XHA & XHP are both Delaware

  35. JoAnne says:

    TOB = CareFirst BCR-MD (City of Baltimore)

  36. Bob S. says:

    does anyone have a good tel# to call BC of Puerto Rico

    pre fix is ZUA.


  37. Rebecca says:

    Anybody know what state alpha prefix for RRS is from?


  38. Bob S. says:

    how about the prefix EXH?????

  39. Angeline says:

    VMA is prefix for BCBS FL

  40. Malena says:

    EXH is Anthem….This was very helpful

  41. Veronica says:

    XXU is Massachusetts
    XGM is Connecticut 800-922-3242
    UGG is Blue Card 800-676-2583

  42. JULIA says:


  43. Aaron B says:

    XIK – Carefirst BlueChoice of Washington DC

  44. Bob S. says:

    any idea what prefix wyl is for?????

  45. anna says:

    VOG ???

  46. TB says:

    Anthem BX Covered California Alpah Pre-fix

    Provider Line: 855-854-1438

  47. William says:

    ZGK is for a self funded self administered plan bobs is the pricing vendor to get elig or claim status yo have to call 18005271236

  48. csr says:

    call 1-800-331-1476
    blue cross switchboard number and they can look up member plan phone number by alpha prefix

  49. betty seales says:

    I work for a vascular surgeon in Austin, Tx and here are more Prefix’s for your list. They are correct–straight from BCBS Blue card line.
    AQW-Empire (NY)
    ASO-Calif. administrative service group
    BEM-Illinois (Boeing Air Plan)
    DOM-Home Depot Grp.
    DLB-Ohio (Dana Limited grp.)
    EUL-Ohio (Eaton Gp.)
    EXQ-California (Experion grp)
    KBD-South Carolina
    LXH-Illinois (Plummers & Pipe fitters #286 grp)
    NEI-National Elevator grp)
    NLG- New Jersey
    PRH-Ohio (Pearson Grp.)
    SAX-Western NY
    SFG-California (Safeway grp)
    SFG-Illinois (State Farm Grp)
    SHT-Texas (Sonic grp)
    TJS-California (Trader Joe’s grp)
    TSU-Washington State
    UDW-Washington (State grp)

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