Blue Cross Prefixes – Unverified

These prefixes have not been verified with a call to the Blue Card hotline, however many have been used for years without any billing errors.

(Alternately, View the list of verified prefixes.)

AAL Virginia
ABA Illinois
ABL Illinois
ABM Alabama
ACN Pennsylvania
ACQ Georgia
ADD Ohio
AEJ New Jersey
AEP Maryland
AHO Tennessee
AHU Maryland
AHX New Jersey
ANB Indiana
ANT Indiana
AON Illinois
APM Pennsylvania
ASZ New York
ATI Alabama
ATT New Jersey
AVB Maryland
AWE California
AWR Pennsylvania
AWT Ohio
AWY New York
AYM Pennsylvania
AYR Pennsylvania
AZO Illinois
AZP Maryland
BBH Georgia
BBX New Jersey
BCB Illinois
BCP Pennsylvania
BCZ Pennsylvania
BET Pennsylvania
BFA Kansas
BFC Ohio
BKA Georgia
BKD Georgia
BKI California
BNX Ohio
BOA So Carolina
BPT Connecticut
BQA Connecticut
BSE Texas
BSH Florida
BSO Alabama
BVS Pennsylvania
CAA So Carolina
CAN Pennsylvania
CCU Connecticut
CCX New York
CFM Massachusetts
CGO Illinois
CPE So Carolina
CPR California
CQM Pennsylvania
CRB Minnesota
CRT Nebraska
CTP Connecticut
CUE Ohio
CUZ Indiana
CVV California
CWG Ohio
CWS Vermont
CXB Maryland
CYC Illinois
DCI Alabama
DCM Pennsylvania
DFC Texas
DFH California
DIA Texas
DLX Illinois
DMA Illinois
DNB New Jersey
DNC New York
DSM Massachusetts
DTP Ohio
DUK North Carolina
DVN New York
DYC So Carolina
DZA Indiana
EAL Kentucky
EAT Texas
ECC Tennessee
EDC New York
EDS Michigan
EEL Virginia
ELP Minnesota
ELY Indiana
EMA Illinois
EMR Alabama
EON California
ERM Mass
EXR New York
FBO Minnesota
FCR Illinois
FMR Michigan
FNL Minnesota
FPC So Carolina
FSG Illinois
FSP Michigan
FXM Pennsylvania
GAC Illinois
GBH Illinois
GEE California
GGG New York
GHM Michigan
GIB Kansas
GIR Pennsylvania
GKN Massachusetts
GLP New York
GMI Minnesota
GMP Colorado
GPU Pennsylvania
GTP Alabama
GZF Alabama
HBF New Jersey
HBT Texas
HCN Maine
HDV New Jersey
HED New Jersey
HHI Illinois
HHR Virginia
HHY Minnesota
HJM New Jersey
HJN New Jersey
HKN Maryland
HLS Alabama
HRH Virginia
HTK Tennessee
HVE Alabama
HWE New Jersey
IBM New York
IBQ Pennsylvania
IBT Illinois
ICS Kansas
IDE California
IEM New York
IFI Georgia
IHP Maryland
ILT Illinois
IMY Georgia
INA New York
INB Georgia
INC California
IPB New York
ISF Illinois
ISU So Carolina
IUS So Carolina
IVO So Carolina
IWW Illinois
JET Texas
JFC Ilinois
JGH New Jersey
KBC Kansas
KCL Georgia
KCP Oregon
KCT Oregon
KDM Massachusetts
KHE New York
KLN Michigan
KMT Michigan
KSP Michigan
LBI New York
LCR California
LFG Virginia
LFS Kansas
LKE California
LPM Pennsylvania
LSA California
LTI Massachusetts
MAK California
MBA Delaware
MBW Georgia
MCA Pennsylvania
MCD Illinois
MCN New York
MDC Minnesota
MDL Illinois
MEJ Maryland
MEN Maine
MEP Maine
MFO Illinois
MGA Alabama
MII Alabama
MKA California
MKU Wash (Premera)
MKY New Jersey
MLC New York
MLM Pennsylvania
MLQ Minnesota
MMM Minnesota
MPZ New York
MRT Illinois
MSL Missouri
MSP New York
MSR Michigan
MTC Virginia
MVP Virginia
MWV Connecticut
NBF Connecticut
NBJ New Jersey (Horizon)
NBS Massachusetts
NCF California
NEI Illinois
NFA Georgia
NFP Kansas
NGK Kansas
NGM Michigan
NHL New Jersey
NHP New Hampshire
NJP New Jersey
NJT New Jersey
NLM Pennsylvania
NQS Illinois
NTP Massachusetts
NWN Minnesota
NYN New York
NYY New York
NZE Washington
OCE Illinois
OND Illinois
OUD Wisconsin
OWL California
PBC Wisconsin
PBG New York
PBM Pennsylvania
PBQ New York
PBT Kansas
PCK Washington
PDG Virginia
PDQ Virginia
PET California
PEW New Jersey
PGL New York
PHF Kansas
PHL New York
PNL Pennsylvania
PPX California
PTH Connecticut
PTR Arkansas
PTV Illinois
PVD Virginia
PXV Alabama
QBN Washington DC
QCA Pennsylvania
QCB PA (Independence)
QCT Pennsylvania
QCD Pennsylvania
QCM Pennsylvania
QEE Pennsylvania
RBE Alabama
RBM Pennsylvania
RBP Minnesota
REP Maryland
RHC Missouri
RIM Pennsylvania
RPP Oregon
RRR Pennsylvania
RTG Georgia
RTQ Georgia
RTR Georgia
RVE Alabama
RXC Texas
SBA Maryland
SBQ Illinois
SDX New York
SEP New York
SFL Florida
SFZ Illinois
SGH New Jersey
SIB California
SKG Ohio
SKJ Ohio
SKK Illinois
SMF Alabama
SNA California
SOO California
SOS Florida
SPC So Carolina
SPW Illinois
SRD New Jersey
SRF Pennsylvania
SRN Massachusetts
SSE Minnesota
SSI Minnesota
STM Pennsylvania
SUB New Jersey
SVH Minnesota
SXX Illinois
SYL Massachusetts
SYM Maryland
SZE Illinois
SZX Maryland
TCP Minnesota
TEN Illinois
TGC Massachusetts
TGT Minnesota
TGW North Carolina
TIM Arkansas
TJJ Massachusetts
TJS Massachusetts
TKS Maryland
TLH Connecticut
TLR Illinois
TPP Alabama
TSA Texas
TSF Kansas
TSJ Connecticut
TVH Illinois
TXX Massachusetts
UBJ Minnesota
UEM Massachusetts
UNC Virginia
UNM Ohio
UNR California
UPP Illinois
URM Indiana
USF Kansas
USG Georgia
UTI Kansas City
UWW Illinois
UXE Tennessee
VIA Vermont
VIE New Mexico
V V B Oregon
V W B Ohio
WKI Kansas
WMK Massachusetts
WMM Pennsylvania
WWK Wisconsin
WXL Minnesota
WXO New Jersey (Horizon)
WYE New Jersey
XAA Alabama
XCM Arkansas
XDD California
XDF California
XDL California
XDM California
XDO California
XDP California
XDU California
XDX California
XEA California
XEC California
XEE California
XEH California
XEP California
XGB Connecticut
XGJ Connecticut
XGM Connecticut
XGV Connecticut
XGY Connecticut
XHA Delaware
XHP Delaware
XIA Maryland
XIC Maryland
XJI Florida
XKH Georgia
XKM Georgia
XKU Georgia
XLP Hawaii
XMP Idaho
XNA Idaho
XOF Illinois
XON Illinois
XSC Kansas
XSM Kansas
XTX Virginia
XUA Louisiana
XUH Louisiana
XUP Louisiana
XVA Maine
XVB Maine
XVG Maine
XVH Maine
XVM Maine
XWF Maryland
XWG Maryland
XWI Maryland
XWL Maryland
XWQ Maryland
XYZ Michigan
XZM Minnesota
XZP Minnesota
YCA Missouri
YCI Missouri
YDA Montana
YGG New Hampshire
YHA New Jersey
YHI New Jersey
YHJ New Jersey
YHM New Jersey
YHP New Jersey
YHQ New Jersey
YHU New Jersey
YHV New Jersey
YHX New Jersey
YHZ New Jersey
YIE New Mexico
YMQ New Jersey
YMU Pennsylvania
YPD No Carolina
YPS No Carolina
YRC Ohio
YTA Virginia
YTD Virginia
YTM Virginia
YWB Pennsylvania
YWP Pennsylvania
YWU Pennsylvania
YXH Pennsylvania
YYH Pennsylvania
YYM Pennsylvania
YYN Pennsylvania
YYZ Pennsylvania
YZA Pennsylvania
ZAH Pennsylvania
ZBF Rhode Island
ZBH Rhode Island
ZCN So. Carolina
ZCY So Carolina
ZEA Tennessee
ZEC Tennessee
ZEX Tennessee
ZGA Texas
ZGB Texas
ZHW Utah
ZHZ Utah
ZIB Vermont
ZID Vermont
ZIE Vermont
ZKC Alaska (Premera)
ZPG Texas
ZPP W. Virginia
ZPW W Virginia
ZRM Wisconsin
ZSK Wyoming
ZVP Oregon
ZWP New York
ZWS New York
ZXN Tennessee
ZYH So Dakota

79 Responses to “Blue Cross Prefixes – Unverified”

  1. Denise says:

    ETX: BCBS of OH

  2. Phil says:

    BUF: BC/BS of Minnesota

  3. Cathi says:

    COA – Independance BC of Penn

  4. Cheffon says:

    Can I please get a copy of your spreadsheet.

  5. JoJo says:

    ZWS & ZWP – Blue Shield of Northeastern NY 800-444-4552

  6. Marisol says:

    Does anyone know where NXU is from?

  7. Brandy says:

    UVH – BCBS of South Carolina

  8. Ricky says:

    BCBS prefix YIE is confirmed for New Mexico – phone number is 800-325-8334

  9. namreen says:

    this very useful

    Thanx alot

  10. SMASTERS says:

    STT is Tennessee

  11. dawn says:

    XPI – Texas

  12. Mary Ann says:

    PPM – Pittsburgh, PA (Highmark BCBS) 800-446-7741

  13. Lizabeth says:

    Does anyone know the prefix SIPW and what state and a number by chance?

  14. Telisha says:

    ISE – is BCBS of Georgia 🙂

  15. Charles says:

    CYD – Florida

  16. Joey says:

    SYS has anybody heard of this prefix???

  17. Sandra says:

    MFP – BCBS of Minnesota

  18. LINDSEY says:


  19. JOEL says:

    SQQ – Georgia

  20. Suzanne says:

    Does anybody know what WPH is?

  21. Terri K says:

    I love this list. BCBS used to have one years ago. When I asked for it at last seminar they just all looked at me like I was crazy. Just found ZWU is BCBS of NE Ny

  22. SoJu says:

    Could a list be created for prefixes that begin with A followed by 2 number digits? I’ve started collecting contact info since they fall under the BC umbrella. I have asked a BC rep for a list but it doesn’t seem like there is one that exists.

  23. Namreen says:

    Does anybody know what TBX is?

  24. Namreen says:


    XGC, XGP – 800-545-0948
    — Extn: 4727 -Option 3

    TSJ – 888-287-0032 (Local Local 191@203-366-5849 for active, for retirees 203-876-3115. 800-292-8340)

    LQT – 800-895-9915

    YLM – 800-552-6630, 800-261-5962

    WPX – 877-418-3923″

  25. Namreen says:

    XVA, XVB, XVG, XVH, XVP-800-832-6011

    YGA, YGC, YGF, YGG, YGK, YGM-800-332-6558

    XGH – 866-673-4157″

  26. Brian Rathburn says:

    Good website for prefixes but needs some serious update. Anthem provides website prefix search but this would be confusing for frontline staff as well as impractical. They also have phone prefix help – also impractical for frontline staff. I’m working on my own comprehensive list. Thanks though for this. Best on the web I’ve seen from a site that I trust.

  27. Karen says:

    Which Bluecross handles the prefix “PRJ”

  28. Heather says:

    KME – Blue Shield of CA

  29. Heather says:

    UUE – Blue Shield of CA
    UUE PT Intake/Auth Line: 800-552-2400

    FYI – Main Provider line for BS of CA:
    800-541-6652 (Opt 1 = Elig, Opt 2 = Benefits, Opt 3 = Claims, Opt 4 = Mailing Address, Opt 5 = Pharm Pre-Service, Opt 6 = “Authorizations” – PT Intake and Medical Pre-Service; Opt 7 = Language Assistance)

  30. Heather says:

    ECQ – BS of CA

  31. Heather says:

    LSK – BS of CA

  32. Carolina Hernandez says:

    Does any one know what HLF is?

  33. Letisha Hollinger says:

    Does anyone know what HWW is?

  34. Stephany Masters says:

    MUA is BCBS TX

  35. JANELLE JACK says:


  36. biocowMibSell says:

    Hello, I’m new here and want to say hello, all what I love to do is playing games so decide to share what I know better I have several favorite games and now I’m playing this game, please share your games too 🙂

  37. Debra Licon says:

    CKX is Oklahoma

  38. Debra Licon says:

    KEU is Oklahoma

  39. Debra Licon says:

    Oklahoma Customer Service 877-219-4347
    Preauthorization 800-672-2378

  40. Jacqueline says:

    YXM Keystone Health Plan Medicaid HMO

  41. Jacque says:

    YXM – State PA

    Keystone Health Plan
    Medicaid HMO

  42. Dave Helstrong says:

    DBJ and HME are both Anthem Ohio

  43. Jeremy Ways says:


  44. Debby says:

    XYR = Michigan

  45. EMORY says:

    SVO BCBS Alabama

  46. Debi says:

    Does anyone know home plan for EZV?

  47. David Conde says:

    What state is PKF

  48. ag says:

    GQQ IS MISSOURI PH#877-353-7098

  49. ag says:

    UST is Blue Cross of Illinois ph:800-972-8088

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